Green Screen History:

Green Screen was one of my favorite piece we have produced to date. Because it was a blast to produce - I had the pleasure of creating it with two of the coolest friends anyone could ask for.

I filmed this with Mike Cuseo and Dale Ratliff after a tough, LONG, night of drinking, so when we woke in the morning and began shooting, we were HURTING. HURTING.

We shot the into at our friend's (Ali Wade) trailer in Aspen. (Side note: to give you an idea of how 'out-of-control' Aspen's real estate prices have gotten, this trailer is worth more than 500k! CRAZY. right?) Anyway, we decided to incorporate the 'hair of the dog' in the shoot, since we were already hurting, thus adding to the fun level while shooting... that is why you see beer bottles at the end of the movie.

There is more to tell about this film, as it went on to miss its target film festival, win other film festivals... but that will have to wait for a future post.

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