We were once told that it would be the meek that inherited the earth, that truth will out and rules and fair play are what make the cogs turn. But as the bitter pill of realisation slides over your tongue perhaps you'll come to understand that there will be nothing to inherit, that life is for the living and that time is just a way of discerning "the now".
Those who claim happiness now are the ones who take it, morales are bent and excess is just a word. Encounters are brief, perfunctory, satiate a need, a desire, an appetite and nothing more. People collide and move each other for better or worse, leave bad tastes and sweet scents.
But even those who walk through life upon 'tender' feet leave an impression. Leave a mark. A bruise. A scar.
A Screenplay Isaac Finch & Taner Tatham
Written By Isaac Finch
Shot,Directed and Edited By Taner
In Association with Colbrin Media

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