Imagine a neighborhood built by the hands of the local creatives and innovators who leveraged each other’s collective talents to create a 21st century sustainable community.

It’s real... and it’s happening.

Wynwood, a once-blighted warehouse district, tells the story of how a community of passionate creatives of all backgrounds and skill sets came together to transform the neighborhood into a thriving global epicenter for arts, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The LAB Miami, a collaborative campus of creatives and entrepreneurs in the heart of Wynwood, is taking this neighborhood’s energy, talent and goodwill to an entirely new level. We’re asking the question, “What if you could enable an entire entrepreneurial community’s collective talent and brainpower to solve large-scale problems? Where would you start?”

As Wynwood transformed into Miami’s arts and creative epicenter, not much attention was paid to the long-term sustainability and natural aesthetics of the neighborhood. With such rapid growth and change, we also have the civic duty to promote responsible, sustainable development.

Enter the “Idea Garden.”

The LAB is crossing the artistic, “do-it-yourself” creative vibe of Wynwood with the civic needs of the neighborhood. By leveraging the local creative community’s talent, we will build Wynwood’s first green open space that also reflects the atmosphere of The LAB and neighborhood: a congregation point for creativity, ideation and innovation.

In essence, a “garden” to grow new “ideas.”

It will be a site to host classes around sustainability and build new projects and products around emerging green technologies. It will be a destination for healthy living with farmers markets, community gardens and yoga seminars. It will be a place to recharge not only your laptop through its solar-powered charging stations, but also your peace-of-mind as you relax under the shade of restored vegetation that is native to this part of the Florida coast. And the best part? It is initiated and built by the community from the grassroots.

The Idea Garden is just the start.

We can replicate this model throughout Wynwood, ultimately greening multiple properties to create a long-term, community-driven, sustainable neighborhood that serves as a model to the rest of the nation.

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