I have been lucky enough to catch the northern lights four times around Scotland over the past couple of years.

clip#1 - Looking across Seilebost and Luskentyre, on the west coast of Harris during Nov 2012, it was rather cloudy, but it was my first sighting.
I went outside to escape the heat of the log fire and I noticed a green glow across the northern horizon.
At first I thought it was house and street lights from Stornoway, but I eventually twigged that it was indeed the northern lights as it filled the northern horizon.
I was treated to cloudy aurora two nights in a row, at a very emotional time, coming only a week after my mum's funeral.

clip#2 - near Bankfoot in Perthshire Oct 2013, I was surprised to get such a good view so far south.
I thought I would drive north from Edinburgh with my new camera to try and catch them.
An hour after leading Edinburgh and 5 miles past Perth, I saw that familiar green arc glow above the horizon.
I was hoping to get the cow on the farm sign looking at the northern lights, but I didn't want to disturb the camera as it was snapping away.

clip#3 - Durness Jan 2013, it was an awesome display, the half moon helped light up the beach.
This clip was on the Autumn episode of "The Great British Year" on BBC1.
This was the best display I have seen so far, the hairs on the back of my neck tingled as the sky above me flash green, turquoise and even a rare red flash high above.

clip#4 - Durness Apr 2014, it was misty a couple of miles each side of where I was, you can see the mist come in for a wee while in this clip.
There are two photos at the end of the video, the last one includes a Lyrid meteor, a faint aurora and a pre sunrise glow on the horizon.
The Lyrid meteor flashed across the sky just as I was about to pack up.

To top it all, I had a totally magical dream drive back down the road from Durness to Edinburgh.
It was a bank holiday Monday, the roads were deserted, the sun was shining and I was still absorbing the northern lights display and meteor 8 hours before the drive back.
The dream drive video from the return journey can be found here vimeo.com/92762851


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