16-24 December 2013
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Sponsored by:
• World Debate Institute
• United International University
• Cambrian Educational Group
• United Group

The world’s finest international debate faculty and the world’s finest model for debate instruction together for a week that will make history creating the leaders of the future.

Coming to Chennai WUDC, Asia Debate Academy is for you.
• Attend both; prepare to win at Chennai WUDC.
• Come early and accelerate your debate future.
• Discount flights from Chennai to Dhaka.
• Low cost to attend, includes housing and food for international attendees.

Not coming to Chennai WUDC but want to be a better debater, Asia Debate Academy is for you.
• Get a head start on the rest of your debate career.
• Learn from the best, become so much better yourself.
• Low cost to attend, includes housing and food for international attendees.

Proven training system.
• Debate Academy method has been used successfully around the world.
• Active learning, fewer lectures, more exercises and drills, two fully critiqued debates every day, elective classes you select.
• World champions, national champions, top speakers, CAs & DCAs, EUDC CA & convener, WUDC & EUDC champions got their start at a Debate Academy event.
• Tested and proven in the Asian & international context.
• Full tournament at the end to let you show what you have learned, debating against the best, adjudicated by our faculty.

Fabulous faculty.
• World champions, national champions, debate professionals, university full professors.
• Hundreds of years of experience training the world’s best.
• Gender balanced faculty from all regions of the world – Europe, North America, Asia, Africa, South America and Australia.
• Skill at training debaters at all current experience levels – no one too inexperienced to be trained by a world champion!

Excellent facilities.
• Cambrian Colleges will provide top-notch instructional space.
• Cambrian Colleges will provide high quality hostel facilities for international attendees.
• Full food service provided, along with afternoon tea and snacks.

Extremely low costs.
• $200 full registration for international students, includes food and housing.
• Discount air tickets available round-trip from Chennai to Dhaka.
• Airport shuttles provided.
• Sightseeing and tourism included.

Have fun.
• Become a better debater in an enjoyable but intense environment.
• Meet other debaters and trainers from around the world.
• Evenings free for fun with other attendees.

Find out more and register today!
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