The deeper modern science delves into history, the more eveidence is uncovered proving that the ancient Kanaka Maoli of Hawai‘i were far from primitive or unsophisticated civilization. Many of the Western world's great navigators were using rudimentary navigational tools, however, despite the lack of such essential instruments, the Kanaka Maoli were able to circumnavigate the seas using a basic fundamental set of skills that involved the 'altitude of stars passing overhead, a mental record of courses steered, the places on the horizon of rising and setting of familiar stars, ocean swells" and their expert mastery of clouds. With these Superb capabilities, such highly distinguished men such as the High Priest Pa‘ao were able to sail back and forth between the Leeward islands of Tahiti and Hawai‘i, where he mustered the reinforcement of Pili, who was "a prince of the purest lineage." With Pili on his side, Pa‘ao sailed back to Hawai‘i where he appointed Pili king, whom would go on to develop the Kingdom of Which Kamehameha would later succeed, and rightfully so, as Kamehameha is direct descendent of Pili. We all know about such esteemed navigators which include Vespucci, Colombus, Vasco de Gama and James Cook, however our focus is our heros such as Tupaia, Mau Pialug, Nainoa Thompson or Kaulu; the great Navigators of the Unknown.

The Navigators of the Unknown is our illustrative testimony to the celebrated navigational prowess of the great seafarers of the Pacific whom were able to navigate by strict use of nature, sans any modern tools.

Mauka Scene Models:
Sal Alicio
Kurtis Loo
Amber Pocock
Tyler Penz
Logan Penz

Makai Scene Models:
Kalena Kealani Cueto
Kaleena Kwe
Robert Kapuni Patcho
Austin Valala
Peter Valenti

Coordinator/Videographer/Editor - Kaiser Nonales
Photographer - Stephen Suzuki
Music by Dennis Kamakahi - ‘Ulili E

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