Canon 5D Mark III (RAW Video Test with Magic Lantern Hack)

Installed the nightly build of Magic Lantern's camera hack for the Canon 5D Mark III and decided to do a camera test with my digital imaging and video students. I shot in low light scenarios, available light scenarios, badly lit scenarios, and outside to get a range of the capabilities of the RAW 14bit video. Although the alpha build of the hack is still a bit buggy I was pretty impressed with the results from this spontaneous test. I feel pretty comfortable using this in production.

** This version online doesn't do the 14 bit source file any justice due to the compression for web, but I hope it gives you an idea of what's capable with the Magic Lantern hack and having RAW files to color grade from versus the compressed H.264 video files that the Canon 5D natively creates without the hack. **

Shot on:
Canon 5D Mark III
with Magic Lantern RAW Hack (Alpha 3)
64GB 1000x Compact Flash Cards

Canon L-Series 35mm f1.2

100 (Outside)
320 (Low lit Indoors)
400-640 (Available Light Indoors)

Transcoded with:
RAW Magic Beta Software

Graded in:
DaVinci Resolve Lite 9

Edited in:
Adobe Premiere Pro 6

Additional Plug-ins used:
• Unsharp Mask
• Digital Anarchy BeautyBox
• Coremelt Lock n' Load

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