In its third edition, Unofficial Report rediscusses how people translate their own images into words. Through real interviews in the streets of London during the London Design Week 2013, people's descriptions will be transformed into digital posters creating an online exhibition. Experimenting in a collaborative live way, and born as a collateral project of Collate by Six:Thirty at V&A.

A project supported by:

Creative Direction London: Gastón Lisak ( and Renée Melo (
Web and online platform: David Peñuela (
Video: Gastón Lisak and Renée Melo
Music: Coleman Guyon (

Many thanks to:
Roma Levin, James Cuddy, Danilo Di Cuia, David Peñuela, Angelo Semeraro, Dan Hill, Fabrica, V&A, Marcela Righi, Ariana Theodoro, Nadeem Daniel, Manu Schmidt, Oliver Stimpson, Frankie, Paper & Cup, Adrian Whitehead, Google, Less Rain, MaterialMaterial bookshop, Kevin Smeeing, Tim Wan, Felipe Rocha, Kulachek, and all the people we interviewed and were part of the project.

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