Since i showed this video to many a women and because most of them were of Indian origin, catching and understanding English is a bit difficult for them.
So, to make things easier for everyone in India and Pakistan and other Urdu-Hindi speaking nations, I have dubbed the video with Urdu-Hindi translations of the dialogues in English.
I have done the translations along with two of my younger sisters and hence it might have errors, but we have tried our level best!

The voice of the girl in the video is my sister's friend, Sumaiya Ali and the voice of the reflection with hijab is my sister Sumaiya Saleem.
It is kind of a co-incidence that they share the same name :P
Both of them are 16 years old now, and are lovely girls.
Thanks to both of them for becoming the voices and helping me with my little venture.

Hope you enjoy the video...and learn from it.

May Allah bless all of us with guidance of modesty and integrity.

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