Created by: Melinda Cohen (
Directed by: Adam Roa (
Starring: Melinda Cohen, Carmen Faulkner (

You wake up in a white room. A few chairs line the walls. You see a phone. Two doors. Nothing else. Innately you know, time does not exist here.


THE WAITING ROOM tells the story of IRIS BLACK, a depressive, successful and painfully narcissistic pop star who has been killed in a car accident by a drunk driver and finds herself in the waiting room with TESSA, a quirky, optimistic and very lonely guide whose purpose lies in debriefing and helping new souls transition to the next step of their journey. One of the two doors leads to the mysterious Beyond. The other door returns them to earth for a second chance to correct their mistakes. The mysterious clock marks when the phone call will come, which determines which door the waiting soul will go through. The protocol is always the same. The new soul arrives and is debriefed by Tessa. The information is submitted and the phone rings, always at the exact same time. Except for in Iris’ case, the phone call never comes. She’s stuck. With Tessa.

Possibly forever.

Melinda Cohen
Carmen Faulkner
Adam Roa
Gil McKinney
Brianna Beasley
Maureen Pearson
Maureen Byrnes
Megan Vickers

Melinda Cohen
Adam Roa

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