For the past 5 years of my life, I've entered a free 48 hour film challenge in Portsmouth, UK, called DV Mission. It's awkward for me and my team to get there from London with our kit, but it's so worth it for many reasons. It's run by Jinx Prowse, a great guy who does nothing but provide charitable services where possible, who takes his own personal time to organise this entire event, and it has the friendliest atmosphere I've ever witnessed. It's also hella rock and roll. I rarely have more fun making films than in this competition, in spite of the 48 hour deadline stress!

Each year the teams are given 3 obstructions to make the 2 minute film (including credits). This year they were:
Genre: Urban Fairytale
Title: The Red Curve
Line of Dialogue: "Kiss My Universe"

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