Eurosport sent me a 90 second promo to do lower thirds for, and they thought of me to try a 3D approach, so for once I didn't wet the bed and gave them a decent enough response that they approved it.

So here, I did the 3D - the lo-poly look lower thirds etcetera. I had four days to produce it and so decided on a low poly, easy to render (well, pyrocluster environment notwithstanding) island. First I drew a donut shape island map, white on black, in Photoshop. I used this to displace a plane in Cinema 4D to extrude the land of the island out, but it was full of holes so I took it into zBrush to sculpt and then exported an obj of the island. It needed painting and I loathe bodypaint, so I had a demo of mudbox running to paint the rocks and grass.

I knew I wanted a hazy summer atmosphere and remembered the light setup on Mike Beeple's Subprime video, which I had the project files of because he gives them to people for free, so I ripped out his pyrocluster environment and played with it so I had this nice washed-out directional lighting.

Most of the modelling and texturing thereafter was within Cinema 4D, and the compositing in After Effects brought these disparate render passes together (except the sea, whose texture refused to animate right at the deadline, so I put in those dodgy wooden seagulls to distract the eye with a bit of the ole' secondary.

Copyright British Eurosport 2013

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