We are pleased to announce the Release of DENTED TRUCKS New Album titled
"How's This". Here you can Listen to Sound Clips from the 22 Tracks on this 2 Disc Set.

Disc 1 - Studio Recording in Chicago

1. How's This
2. I Just Got To Know
3. Match Box Blues
4. You Were Wrong
5. Bo-Time
6. May I Have A Talk With You
7. He Belongs To Me
8. Hound Dog
9. Drop It

Bonus Tracks:

10. How's This
11. Listen To This
12. Watch This

Disc 2 - Recorded LIVE at the Chicago Blues Festival 2013

1. Just A Little Bit
2. Goin' Out
3. I Just Can't Please You
4. Mary Had A Little Lamb
5. Smooth Shoes
6. Tremble
7. Ball N' Chain
8. Every Night About This Time
9. Turn Around
10. Railroad Man

AVAILABLE NOW on the Group's Official Album Site at: dentedtrucks.net

You can also find DENTED TRUCKS at:

Official Band Website: dentedtrucks.com
Facebook: facebook.com/dentedtrucks
Twitter: twitter.com/dentedtrucks
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/pub/dented-tr...
Youtube Channel: DentedTelevision

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