1: Lulu vs. Shop Vac. Who will win?
2: We've started a new activity at the Ballard house - pull up Craig's List Missed Connection, and without having ever read the posts before, compose a song about the missed connection. It's a ton of fun. Emily rules at this game.
3: San Juan Islands for the weekend! Kaitlin and Hayden got lost on their way to our cabin on Lopez Island, so we tried (and succeeded) to find them by going outside and yelling. It's a small island. Also there was a landline!
4: Biking on Lopez Island. Kaitlin and Jordan get up a long hill thanks to some encouragement from May and Hayden.
5: Enjoying peace, quiet, and coffee with May Rose outside our cabin on Lopez Island. Missed that girl during her adventures to Alaska.
6: Iceberg Point on Lopez Island.

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