One of David Choe's closest friends, Saelee Oh sits down to discuss what she is looking for in a man with the double vagina double anal gang. Asa Akira, David Choe, Yacuzzi Boy, Critter and Prince Namba chime in with their thoughts on the man of Saelee Oh's dreams.
Listed below are the things that she is looking for in her dream man.
If you think you have what it takes go to OK Cupid and search for the username
DVDASA_Eligible and let her know why your her soul mate.

Likes to read/write/likes music
Loyal and trustworthy
Mutual respect.
Doesn't lie. Honest.
Likes animals. Kind to cats
Has basic cooking skills
Compatible eating habits/tastes
Good listener is gold.
Willing and curious to learn about new things and b a better person. Intelligent.
Ambitious work ethic
Gives me a long leash.
Doesn't clip my wings.
Emotionally available.
Emotionally secure. Although I feel safer around a T rather than an F.
Ambitious but would put relationship and family first.
Daily contact.
Someone who doesn't make me feel worse about myself.
Supportive of my career and work. My #1 cheerleader.
We put each other on a pedestal in public and in our private one on one time but can objectify each other in bed.
Best lover ever.
Knows how to argue fairly but doesn't fight. esp. mean ugly destructive fights.
Is my partner in life. One of my best friends. Trustworthy. Loyal.
Someone who I'm in love with and is a good companion.
Someone I can have quiet time with while I can hear my own thoughts.
Funny. We laugh a lot together.
Someone who has similar world view as me. Positive outlook but also appreciates dark humor.
Someone not prone to depression because Im prone to depression.
Uplifting energy.
Likes adventures and spontaneity.
Has to have had been in a long term relationship and lived with a gf before.
Not an only child.- might be ok
Loves his mom. Loves his dad. Loves his pets.
Nice to service people.

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