Unconventional artist Bart Hess has concocted a drink entitled 'Paredolia' for the NYC Museum of Sex's new bar 'Play.' Hess's cocktail is not your typical fruit medley; the cocktail is made to taste like "kissing a man who has just shaved and smoked a cigarette."

The cocktail is filled to the brim with a thick, opaque white liquid that requires licking or slurping to avoid sloshing out of the glass.

Of his creation, Hess says, “The whole experience should be this point where you want to lick it, but you’re not really sure if you want to. I was going for a sensation that you can’t really explain." Hess continued to say that he enjoys playing with the sensation of "feeling awkward," and this drink definitely invokes an awkward sensation, as well as an extremely original taste.

sounddesign: Johannes Kerschbaummayr

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