Dreadoak Productions Presents:

A riproaring depiction of Yo Holmes To Bael Aiur, an exclusively 10 man progression guild on Azuremyst, flying through a random farming night in Trial of Crusader.

I realize this is no grand feat whatsoever, since this is by far the easiest piece of end game content given to us by Blizzard in WotLK. I just found this an oppurtunity to brush off the dust on the ole Sony Vegas 9 and get prepped for filming guild progression in ToGC and Icecrown down the road. I had to break them up into two parts: Part I - Jaraxxus and Faction Champs, Part II - Twin Valkyries and Anub'arak.

Also, while watching the fight with Anub'arak, realize we had one tank (Grammar, Protection Paladin extraordinaire) and by spiking at 72k total DPS between 8 players, we skipped Phase 2 and let two adds burrow, and polished him up. The raid mechanics = ezwinpwnsauce.

The perspective is myself, Haineko, a Restoration Druid. The audio tracks are listed at the credits. Hope you enjoy.

To download onto your PC, I have two links for such an occasion:

Part 1: filefront.com/14969975/Yo-Holmes-and-ToC-Part-I.mp4/

Part 2: filefront.com/14971191/Yo-Holmes-and-ToC-Part-II.mp4/

Special thanks to the crew: Bananasx (Holy Priest), Monstermash (Main Tank, Protection Warrior), Morgaze (Balance Druid), Grammar (Off Tank, Protection Paladin) Riva (Survival Hunter), Cryostatic (Elemental Shaman), Keupaladin (Retribution Paladin), Emili (Shadow Priest), and Kissinger (Arcane Mage). Let's keep pushing for Trial of the Grand Crusader, before the gates of Icecrown open.

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