I scanned frames from the first forty-one issues of Jonah Hex Vol. 2 and set them to go along with my music and lyrics.

Audio recorded in Long Beach, CA at Elevator Studios in July of 2007.

Music and lyrics by Ian Frazier
Mixed, recorded, and engineered by Matty-B
An Oneirøbeat Production

~~~~~~The Making of the Comic~~~~~

To create this video I scanned frames from the first forty issues of the comic then sequenced them in Windows Movie Maker to match the lyrics. The third verse is based directly on the origin as told in issues 13-15, I actually wrote it based on the original character history from the 70's and only had to change one line when they retold it in Vol. 2.

The Lyrics:

With a tomahawk scar and a six shooter hip
He enters the dusty saloon
Heads to a table where the men play poker
And asks if theres any room
They let him in, he takes a seat
And then he pretends to play
But the game is just a diversion
While hes waiting for his prey
The doors swing open and a man steps in
Brown hat and a big belt buckle
Walks to the table and asks to play
With a friendly, hearty chuckle
A flick of the wrist, a flash and a bang,
The buckle hits the floor
The scarred man rises from his seat
Hes not playing anymore

He rides from town to town
Searching for a face thats on a poster
He speaks to the right people
And he knows hes getting closer
He meets up with his target
In the pink and red sunset
The man is filled with chills
For he knows of Jonah Hex
He sees the scar and goes for his gun
A split second too late
Jonah takes him alive just to get a higher rate
The man was hanged in the old town square
And Jonah left with his fair share
Gone collecting tarnished souls
Putting men in six foot holes

At the age of 15, Jonah rescued an apache chief
But the chiefs son didnt like him
And he raged with jealousy
He and Jonah headed out
To commence in pony theft
The son then betrayed Jonah
And he left him there for dead
Years later Jonah found the tribe
To get his old score settled
The chief decided the two young men
Should have a tomahawk battle
The son he cheated he knew Jonahs handle would Break during the fight
But Jonah broke the rules
When he killed him with a knife
The chief decided the mark of the demon
Had been earned
So they tied up Jonah and gave half his face
A gruesome tomahawk burn
This is the way the man was forged
So many years ago
If you were wondering about the scar
Well ah, now you know

My name is Jonah Hex
And Ive come for this mans bounty
You may have heard my name before
Its known in many counties
You said to bring him live or dead
Now pay the price thats on his head
And I will be straight on my way
Pray I dont come for you some day
He rode into the sun

©2007 Ian Frazier

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