Re+Public created a digital, interactive, augmented reality urban mural on the Moto Museum wall in St. Louis. The project included an 85' x 21' mural by MOMO comprised of 14 basic shapes. Using the the free Re+Public app (App Store & Google Play), users can view, walk around, in, and through the 42 digital variations of the basic shapes. Some digital shapes can only be viewed and touched by moving around the physical space. By simply touching the shapes on the mobile device, users can randomly recompose the mural. In this way, the app allows users to creatively work with fundamental elements of art such as space, composition, form, and color. The Moto Wall project was generously supported by Grand Center Inc., the Art and Life Alliance in cooperation with Steve Smith and the Moto Museum in St. Louis.

Filmed in 1920x1080 with:
Canon 6D
Samsung NX2000
Samsung Galaxy S3 (in app footage)
Edited with:
Adobe Premiere CS6

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