I have the adapter shown @ cheesycam.com

I've owned the Merlin + Vest kit for some time now. I've used it alot, I thought I was getting pretty good. I can balance a Merlin fairly quickly from scratch for any camera.

Decided to borrow a friends Glidecam 2000 Pro. This is what my ""FIRST"" day with the Glidecam looks like.

My thoughts, coming from a Hardcore Steadicam Merlin fan? It's heavier than the Merlin, It takes longer to balance from scratch. It's not as sexy, sleek, or discreet.

BUT........................ it's awesome. Once it's balanced, it works and works well. Easier to control than the merlin. I hacked up a DIY adapter to mount the Glidecam to my Merlin Vest, and i'm loving it. I have heard that the Steadicam Vest totally kills the Glidecam 'Smooth Shooter', so i'm glad I found a way to adapt it together.

One of the things I'd like to point out to those unfamiliar with the Merlin Vest, is the ability to run through doorways while they're still Half Closed! The vest is really slimline and easy to control.

NOTE::: This comparison really should be against the Pilot vs. Glidecam. The Merlin is a different model of stabilizer and these Glidecams should be compared to the Pilots, but check out the average price below and you make the decision.

Glidecam new $260 +
Merlin new $799.00
Merlin + Vest $2300 +
Steadicam Pilot + Vest $5000

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