IGor was developed during a univesity project in october 2013.

The project was hosted by Professor F. Hernández Castro. Special thanks to him and our university
"HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd".

The Topic was "shadow garden". The task was to create an interactive projection where you can move objects with you shadow on a big screen.

We had the vision to create an coop game where one player handles the character and the other player helps him with his real life shadow to navigate through difficult levels (big gaps, obstacles, unreachable coins).

We had so much fun with the project that we did all the coding, graphics, level design, textures, sounds, music and the animations by ourselves.

We used "Processing" for the coding and the box2d library for the physics.

In the video you can see some steps of the development of the project IGor as well as ingame footage with explanations.

The game was made by:

Michael Baisch
Marcel Sandner
Jan Asmus
Daniel Keller

Music used in the video:

The Flashbulb - Warm Hands in Cold Fog

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