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On the number 86, The Basics filled the carriage with their sweet sun soaked harmonies, a suitable sound track for the first warm night of spring. Tram acoustics and the nature of the foreign space only highlight the quality of tone and timbre that these musical veterans have acquired over the years and there’s something quite special about hearing 3 voices in perfect pop synchronicity whilst weaving your way through the suburbs of Melbourne.  Wally De Backer must have surfed or skated in his teenage years, as his ability to hold his ground whilst singing at the top of his lungs and shaking his nifty water bottle maraca as the tram swings round corner after corner is impressive.
There’s a cheekiness about the Basics that translates suitably in this scenario, their jokes easing the commuters into what has turned into an atypical journey. While a few cynical types opt to ignore, they are few and far between and the Basics soften the shells of even the toughest of disparagers. It’s spring, it’s pop music, it’s free and fun and brought to you by Tram Sessions to brighten your normally dull ride home from work, what could be better?

Words courtesy of Krystal: underthewires.wordpress.com/


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Camera: Rommel Henricus, Damien Arkins
Editor: Damien Arkins
Audio: Sebastian Fiore, Jonno Gaff

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