We all love surfboards, boardies and warm tropical water. Could there possibly be anything better than combining all three?

In July just past, Waves Magazine arranged their annual board test, the dream trip. 15 brand spanking boards, 3 pros and more uncrowded waves that you poke a whole bundle of sticks at. With the help of Surf Travel they followed the road less traveled to the remote and unspoilt location of South Sumatra.

The resident professionals for the test were Lakey Peak's Oney Anwar, Byron Bay's Soli Bailey and the Sunny Coast's Kai Hing. Here they put each board through its paces thoroughly testing each design in a variety of waves, from thundering beachies to fun playful rights.

Their home for the next few weeks, was Luxury Sumatra Surf Camp, located right directly in front of the cranking left hander, Karang Nyimbor. This spot is definitely one of the longest waves and the area's swell magnet, even with no swell on the horizon it still managed to offer a surfable 2-3ft wave and for the first half of the trip it cranked along with nothing below 6ft.

To see the camp and some amazing surfing, check out Luxury Sumatra Surf Camp at the following link:

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