Piero Piccioni — Scusi, lei è favorevole o contrario? (Per noi due soli)

I am a big fan of since78.briangossett.com/?page_id=1553 and when Pedro M. Cruz, mondeguinho.com/master/visual-experiments/revisiting-brownian-motion, released his source code for one of his projects I couldn't help but delve in. I made this video with Processing.org from the Positano mix on Brian Gossett's website. I chose Positano because Pedro's based in Italy, seemed like nice symmetry.

Unlike Pedro's code, this video is a recording of Processing analyzing the audio live with me changing the colors and the size of the objects by dragging the mouse. Instead of the Minim library it uses Sonia.

For more information including source code. Check out thoughts.jonobr1.com/?p=472

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