After learning that Joey has no health insurance, Parker goes out on a limb to solve the problem. Laney receives some shocking news about Cooper's time in the military, and things go horribly wrong when she confronts him about it. Ava finally gains Frankie's trust, but it may come at a price. Charley and Jenni are getting closer than ever to finding out the truth about The Organization..and to each other. But all their snooping may push Frankie too far. Chloe tries to put a stop to their little biology experiment, but Dana's grasp on Pierce is much tighter than she ever imagined.

Bristel Bowen
Bryan Burton
Cameran Hebb
Ally Hoover
Matt Karkutt
Mack Linyard
Tara Lowe
Brie Nash
Mariana Nepomuceno
Jordan Popalis
Colby Ramsay
John Reitz
Anna Rindos
Walker Sigmon
Lauren Tevelow
Gus Wilde
Kieran Windley
Shane Zeigler

Bristel Bowen

Stephen Ashley
Bristel Bowen
Jenna Lonergan
Jordan Swaim

Head Writer:
Jordan Swaim

Stephen Ashley
Bristel Bowen
Lindley Dahners
Jenna Lonergan
Drew Millard
Edmun Poliks

Music Supervisor:
Neha Patel

Liza Ramo

Jenna Lonergan
Liza Ramo
Jordan Swaim

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