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  1. Jason Siadek

    Jason Siadek


  2. Kim Shales

    Kim Shales


  3. Cosmo Flynn

    Cosmo Flynn

    Water Camera/Support Crew 

  4. Beth Lee

    Beth Lee

    Support Crew Leader 

  5. Carly Rogers

    Carly Rogers

    Support Crew 

  6. Michael Lee

    Michael Lee

    Support Crew 

  7. Mark Levy

    Mark Levy

    Support Crew 

  8. John



  9. Dennis Murphy

    Dennis Murphy

    Support Crew 

  10. John York

    John York

    Official Observer 

  11. Clara Lee

    Clara Lee

    Support Crew 

  12. Jeff Horn

    Jeff Horn

    Support Crew 

  13. Forrest Nelson

    Forrest Nelson

    Support Crew/Marathon Swimmer 

  14. The Outrider Crew

    The Outrider Crew


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from shore to shore

from shore to shore” by Jason Siadek has 14 people who starred in or helped make this video.

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