Carousel by Christof is taken from the new Love's Glory EP.

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About this video:

What is a Phonotrope?

This is a technique using a record player and a camera, making a different type of Zoetrope. It was created by Jim Lefevre. It's, a wee bit tricky to explain. For each of the scenes, we have 33 drawings, at even-ish intervals, (it wasn't perfect in some cases, thus, the jumping around of some of the frames). The record players are going around at 45rpm, and the camera takes 25 frames a second. To get the image, there is also a high shutter speed on the camera. This captures the image, rather than the blur that you'd see without the camera.

It was filmed all in one shot..after a fair few attempts, with no computer trickery.

Video by Jacob Stack and Simon Donnelly

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