Thrively is a family website that leverages strength-based learning principles to help kids discover and pursue their passions in life. Try now at

Kids are far more likely to embrace an activity when they excel at it, and they are far more likely to excel at it when it matches their strengths and interests. We worked with two leading pediatric neuropsychologists to develop an assessment for kids that helps them find out exactly what those strengths are - for instance focus, creative thinking, analytical ability, agility, and much more.

It's like a Meyers-Briggs test for kids - but much, much cooler - at the end, your child is presented with insights into their dynamic personality. From there, we present you with a whole variety of local activities that are customized to complement their strengths and foster their interests.

Let's say the strength assessment shows that they're deeply compassionate and love animals. We locate a volunteer opportunity at your local SPCA. What if they're determined and love puzzling challenges? We find a LEGO engineering camp that will foster those strengths. Analytical and love art? Here's a 3D animation program right in your neighborhood.

At Thrively we believe all children can discover their passions when families are given the right knowledge and opportunities. We're in the beta testing phase right now - sign up now for free!

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