The Ross Learning System is a literary narrative of the evolution of human consciousness that unfolds chronologically through the grades. Cultural History is the core of the Curriculum. It is taught chronologically through the grades as a dynamic system expanding in complexity. Each grade focuses on the thematic development of a particular historical period and studies this theme across global cultures while integrating with all other disciplines. In this way, the Spiral provides a cohesive architecture for analysis of the past as a dynamical system and enables students to more fully understand the present while envisioning the future.

Ross Spiral Curriculum visualization ©2013 Ross Institute. Created by Santiago Ortiz.

Additional images courtesy of:
Driftwood Furniture Maya Animation - Thomas Impiglia; Earthquake Relief Effort, Haiti - BBC Worldwide Americas Inc.; Makwanpur, Nepal - Laurel Gabler; Carlsberg Group Brand and Experience Centre, Copenhagen - The Carlsberg Group; Mandela Day Photographs - Esto; Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library Renderings - General de Producciones y Diseño S.A.; Obasanjo Presidential Library Renderings - Ralph Appelbaum Associates.

Music by:
Flux Bikes “LA FLux Ride - Wind Talker” -
The Custodian of Records “Emo Step Show” -
The Womb “The Horses And The Flowers” -
Chris Zabriskie “Divider” -
Basspartout “The Latest Gadget”
Johnny Ripper “I Am Error” -
Podington Bear “Massive” -

Ross Institute / Ross School
East Hampton, NY

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