svart magi - BMPCC Test

My first test of the Black magic pocket cinema camera. It's just random shots from different location at work. It's shoot in ProRes 422. Using "Film" mode. Shoot with a Nikon Nikkor 28mm prime f2.0 and a Kipon adapter. ISO used is 200 and 400. Fps is at 25. the flowers is shot in 24 and the second shoot at sea is shoot in 30fps and pulled down 20%. Edit in Adobe PP CC. Stabilized with the wrap stabilizer at 2%. I graded the footage in Speed Grade but did note do much. I just aded a C LUT: Kodak 5218 on 60% opacity. And pulled up the shadows on some shot and down one some.

Nikon Nikkor Primes
Edit: Adobe PP CC Mac
Grade: Adobe SG
Shot on location in Sweden

Music: Jan Johansson - Visan från Järna

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