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Organizations routinely use Client Relationship Management (CRM) solutions to record and track customer and prospect interactions. With perhaps the most popular being Salesforce. But all too often, a key piece of relationship information will be missing – the contract and all its terms, conditions, clauses, obligations and milestones.

When dealing with a client for example, it’s imperative that you know key information such as pricing, contract expiry dates, geographical coverage, what products and services are included, the list goes on. Accessing this information typically means leaving the Salesforce environment, opening up another application, which may or may not have all the information readily available. Worse still, a physical, paper contract may have to be located and read to find the piece of information needed.

Being able to service customers, quickly and accurately helps build successful relationships. A lack of contract visibility at best can lead to poor customer service, and that results in reduced customer retention. The worst case scenario is that contractual obligations are not met, pricing is wrongly applied, contractual restrictions are broken and so on.

Join Seal Software for a free 30 minute webinar and learn how to make your Salesforce more effective with full contract visibility. Seal Contract Discovery and Load for Salesforce will help you:

Automatically locate contracts across your organization
Extract an extensive set of contract terms, values and dates
Upload fully searchable contracts and contract data to Salesforce
Make the most of your Salesforce environment

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