To start with a photo...

Props to the GSG for motivating me with another 5 second project. I've always had this thing about seeing characters and stories peering out at me from textures. Now I've finally had a chance to liberate one.

I sent my friend Jeff Topham (photographer extraordinaire) a brief concept sketch of a post-apocalyptic spider creature coming out of a puddle of water on a concrete floor. In my mind I saw little planes and tanks struggling to repel the invader but, when Jeff sent me his photo in response, all I could see was this face staring out at me from the concrete. So it was only a matter of freeing him and giving him a camera, so he could snap that pesky spider emerging from its murky depths.

Props to DuDuf ( for his DuIK inverse kinematics script ( without which this particular spider would never have breached the surface. I've posted an English language tutorial here:

Photo: Jeff Topham (
Audio: Brayden McCluskey (

Created for GreyscaleGorilla's "Start With A Photo" 5 Second Project:

All textures were sampled from the original image, which I drew over, chopped up, and re-mixed:

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