Quester is new heavy-duty truck range developed for Asia and other growth markets.
The launch event was part of a broad campaign aimed at transport industry professionals on the major Asian markets.

At the event we did not only want to reveal a new product. Our goal was to trigger the guests’ curiosity, engage their emotions and personalize their experience. In addition to the unveiling, we wanted to challenge visitors to discover more about Quester through a series of interactive experiences.

It was important for us to come close by being personal – presentations by committed UD Trucks representatives was complemented by interactive digital information displays that offered information in nine languages by using RFID technology.

The video projection-based unveiling was made in co-operation with Obscura digital. The film was projected on a 20 metres long screen surrounding the audience. The poetic film makes an analogy between Quester and the endurance of a long-distance runner.

Projection mapping, light projections, films, music and interactive digital solutions were developed specifically for the event.

A wide range of technologies was used in all parts of the event.

The unveiling of the truck revolved around a projection mapped cityscape sequence that ended with a motorized removal of the structure of boxes building up the 3D surfaces of the skyscrapers.

Visitors received a RFID key fob, which allowed them to change the language of any of the 40 information displays that offered information. The displays were powered by Raspberry Pi microcomputers with custom software based on OpenFrameworks.

In the Fuel coach game, visitors could learn about the virtues of the trucks fuel economy systems while playing a multiplayer game against three of their fellow visitors. They controlled the throttle of their truck by tilting an iPod and everyone could follow the race on the big screen.

To demonstrate the full range of Quester variants, we created an interactive experience where visitors could select on of seven 3D-printed object depicting an ice cream, a fuel tank, a container, etc, place it on a podium and then spin the image of the corresponding truck on a big screen, e.g. a freeze truck, a tanker, a container truck, simply by using hand gestures in the air. We used RFID technology and an Arduino microcontroller to track the id of each object and a “hacked” Microsoft Kinect to track hand movements. Everything was controlled by a custom application based on OpenFrameworks and Open NI.

Interactive iPad apps showed detailed information about engines, transmissions and a rear axle on display. A Bluetooth connected RFID reader enabled the iPads to be included in the system of language selection RFID key fobs.

The interactive running installation UD4D gave visitors an insight into the product philosophy and history of the brand. A 180° screen was connected to a treadmill – all controlled by a custom application based on OpenFrameworks.

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