Taken from the album "Bye Bye 17" out on Cult Records now!

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(Tillmann/ Moretti)

verse = Am F Am F
chorus= C E Am F
bridge= F C Dm G

Verse 1
Put me to the test
I'm under arrest, girl
And we won't sleep
'til the streets are clean
And the levy broke now
We got fire before smoke somehow
The results are in
Negatives a positive

Chorus X 2
'cause I'm a prisoner of love
when it rains it pours
when I toughen up now
You'll take me back in your arms

Verse 2
Put me behind bars
No more livin' large, girl
We're flirting with danger
Dancing with strangers
It's just you and me, girl
Inmate number 7 1 5 2hundred 3
And you will be my captor
My sunshine, my good times, my laughter


Talk ain't always cheap now
I made a promise that I'm gonna keep somehow
Show you what I'm made of
A little prisoner, yeah prisoner

Chorus X 2

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