One of my favorite tunes from the second album - The first line in particular I enjoy singing: " I can change it. In my mind there is a hole to forget things I don't really want to know". I have been trying to change that denial aspect of my life and I guess performing the song helps me notice that denial really only hides the dust under the rug ( while the rug gets dirty ).

It was funny to notice that on my first album I had a song called "Can't Change" and now I sing " I can change it ". Maybe the third one will have a track titled: " I have changed already, I told you I could ".

The performance was done entirely with a drum loop from Ableton Live ( controlled by an Akai APC40 ) and a Pigtronix Infinity Looper. I used the simple chord sequence to be repeated over the drums loops. The Pigtronix looper was in sync via MIDI with the laptop and for the most part it worked out. The solos were played on the Epiphone Acoustic that my mom found in the garbage in Key Biscayne. After some digging I found that this Japanese guitar is from the 80's and I love its sound. The pickup I installed on it is a DTAR and I processed some of the exotic sonic sounds with an Earthquaker Devices Organizer.

The video was shot with 2 handheld Canon DSRL Cameras ( a Rebel T2i & a EOS 7D ) and an additional crappy Panasonic camera on the floor ( you will notice )

Shot by Andres Diez and Edited by Gervasio Goris on Adobe Premiere. Color Correction done on Final Cut Pro.

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