The other morning I was praying and I was gripped with a burden to give God the things that He desires. Scripture is full of "desire" passages, but one thing in particular got a hold of me...His desire for those who do not know Him. God does not simply want His creation to be in relationship with Him, He desires us...all of us. I wanted so bad to give Him the reward of His suffering (on the cross), to present Him with a gift. The most precious gift I could possibly bring; prodigal sons and daughters who were once lost and separated from Him, but who now love Him as their Father.

As I walked through one of the Syrian refugee camps today these feelings were fresh on my heart. I saw in front of me 10,000 people who do not know the God who desires them. I did not want to film today, I wanted to share the good news of Jesus. I wanted to pray for the sick and watch the Physician compassionately heal them. I wanted to sit on the floor of a tent, drink chai, and talk about eternity with anyone who would listen.

But as I met people and saw their excitement to be in front of the camera, I felt a responsibility to take their faces and put them in front of you...the world outside the camp. I thought that perhaps the greater good would be to observe these precious, lost children and present them to you as a provocation.

Be provoked, you who are safely outside the camp. As you look at these faces, allow your Middle East paradigm to be shifted. To be sure, this region is dangerous and volatile, but those trapped in spiritual camps of darkness far out number those who would shed blood. It is a land of spiritual refugees...children who are separated from their heavenly Father simply because they were born into a religion that is hostile to His Son. It is up to the ones who were once refugees, but who are now sons and daughters of the living God, to go back into the camp as beacons of hope, light, and life.

There is no other option for those who are lost. Either they hear the good news of Jesus Christ or they remain trapped in a religion of fear, lies, and, ultimately, eternal separation from the One who desires them.

It is up to the redeemed children of God to be His hands and feet and bring the only true hope this world has...the message of salvation in Jesus Christ.

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