This was my first assignment for my Directing Image and Sound class that I took spring of 2013. Our assignment was to make a music video without any actual musical performance; I assume it was more or less a way for our professor to see how we interpreted the music, to better gage us as students.

I use the song "No No No" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (hehheh). It is a song driven by a relatable emotion, and from that I developed this music video from class.

I am pretty proud of this one, not necessarily because it is some shining beacon of my work or that it relays a impressive technical quality, but because it was something that began as a simple song on Pandora and became an idea that I wanted to explore. And isn't that part of the creative process? Exploration?

So I hope you enjoy it,
I know I had a great time shooting and collaborating with the charming, beautiful, witty, Madeleine Miller for this piece..

And thank you to all of my extras who stood so perfectly still while I tried to wrack focus... ha!

To my audience, enjoy! And any feedback is welcome, even if it's stuff that "I know".

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