Timelapse: my longtime passion. First 70 sec was shot with Super-8 (Kodachrome 40) in the years 2000-2002. Second part shot digitally with Canon 5D I (yes, the Mark I) in April 2008. Most of the time I shot in my neighborhood. OK, Beijing is beautiful, Paris too and Frisco also, but hey – here is Hamburg-Hammerbrook.

As you maybe (& hopefully) recognized these Timelapses are way different from others. My approach was to move the cam during the shot. So maybe you can call it hip hop cam. There´s no color grading in post, also no time-ramping. It´s all done in-camera.

Hope you like it.

Music taken from Lunatic Calm.
Check out: myspace.com/leaveyoufarbehind

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