Slave River Paddlefest 2013 GIANT SLALOM! To quote Zack Fitzpatrick: "somebody's going to get trashed".

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A more detailed commentary on the race (slightly over the top) is written on our personal blog:

2013 was the inaugural year for the new Giant Slalom event at the Slave river paddlefest. A giant slalom is like a regular slalom, but with fewer gates, and wider gates. This is a perfect match for the Slave river, which is enormous. Our course was on the English Channel, which is the far river-left side of Mountain Portage rapid. The start was on the left side of the channel, then there was a gate formed by a rock in the river right eddy at the bottom of the rapid, and the finish was back over on the left side again. It sounds simple, but this still made for an entertainingly difficult race.

1) Leif Anderson
2) John Blyth
3) Luke Volmerhaus
4) Natalie Anderson
5) Zack Fitzpatrick

And many thanks to Ben Ghertner for interviewing and filming, Helen Panter for timing and gate judging, and Allison Bray for running safety.

Helmetcam footage taken with a GoPro Hero 3.

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