Meet Hannah Shields. She lives in High River. She wrote and recorded this song in the weeks after evacuating her home. Myself and some friends in the film industry helped out to make a music video of the post-flood High River experience and shed some light on Hannah's hopeful words in song.

Says co-producer Jason Nolan:
“Hannah has been singing and playing guitar for three years. When the flood hit that morning having her go through that experience of having only a few minutes grab her things before we left, not knowing where we were going, and what was to happen next, was certainly a hard thing to deal with for her and all of our family.

Having left her guitar behind in all the mess, she was certainly missing it as the days and weeks went on-- bouncing around from one place to the next. She said “I'm thinking of writing a song about this”. I then borrowed a guitar from a friend and surprised her with it. Just days later she came in the room and sang us "When The River Starts To Rise". With tears in her mothers eyes and myself speechless, I knew there was something we had to do and a video was the perfect fit.

As time went on and High River started its transition to rebuilding, I felt this song gave us hope and inspiration as we pushed through all of this. The news feeds fade and it will soon be a thing of the past but it's going to take a long time to rebuild this town and it's nice to have a reminder that you can hold your head high and continue on. I feel the song and the recent video are a great inspiration. When those days are dark and you feel like giving up it reminds you of what's important and that you must continue.

For us making the video helped keep our mind off the struggle of rebuilding by having some fun in our fantastic town with great family, friends and neighbors who all have gone through so much and have helped so many people along the way. “

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