My name is Chad Mount and I'm a visual artist and I am honored to announce the renowned international art residency program Arteles recently selected me as one of eight artists chosen among hundreds of applicants from around the world to participate in their November 2013 artist in residency program. This is my first art residency to participate in, As a resident in Haukijarvi, Finland, I will paint my unique blend visual constellations(Blooming Currents), capturing the process in HD video. Then using a combination of video mapping software I'll be able to project these "Blooming Currents" seamlessly across unconventional three dimensional forms evoking wondrous illusions. Working in Finland will give me the unique opportunity to delve into landscapes of snow and forests, lands foreign to where I typically pull my inspiration which is largely from the ocean. I also pull much inspiration from the celestial and am fascinated by the almost symbiotic relationship between the celestial and the aquatic. Judging from names such as "Jellyfish Nebula (IC 443)" I'm obviously not alone in this visual observation.

I aim to capture the parallels of these two realms, and hopefully raising the emotional state and sense of wonder in the viewer. I have no doubt that exploring Finland's winter landscape especially at night with the snow covered landscape backlit by a clear open sky caressed by the occasional wafting northern lights, will inspire new motifs in my work and I'm am ecstatic about that idea! My process in creating these anomalies uses the pooling of composition colors via underpainting, combined with my own unique chemical blend of solvents and emulsifiers. I'm currently experimenting Cymatics in part if the creation process which has added another exciting layer to this painting process. Arteles has two Reed Organs and I've already been dreaming up ways of incorporating their haunting sounds into my creations while there.The work I create in Finland will be brought back and installed as part of a group exhibit titled "Noisemakers" an Art's Fund Raiser for the Norman Arts Council. Opening reception is December 13 at Mainsite Contemporary Art in Norman, Oklahoma.


I was given just a few weeks notice about being selected for the Nov. residency, which doesn't leave much time to cover all the financial bases. Arteles provides a grant for half of my program costs, and I am hoping for your help in raising the remaining fees. By funding this project, you not only help see this vision through to it's fullest potential but also help me in joining together with creative minds & professionals from all over the world, while also contributing to the continued advancement of art in Oklahoma. Your support in helping me advance my work is greatly appreciated, and I look forward to sharing my art with you all through out the process!

The financial assistance will be used towards, residency fees, travel expenses, food, project tools, shipping fees, materials and building the final installation. Should the campaign be successful, any additional funds raised will be applied further development of these concepts.

Other Ways You Can Help
If you're not in a place to financially contribute, please help me MAKE SOME NOISE!

Please share this campaign with anyone you feel would find it interesting.
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I am truly grateful for your generous support and believing in me as an artist.

You can find out more about me and view more of my work at the following links.

Thank you all!!!!



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