Here is a small video clip of our anti-drug project, with which we are currently working on. This video here is directed and shooted by Miska Karioja, editing and acting for this video is made by Taneli Huusko. And special thanks to Esa!

This story is about a man who as a child wanted to be a doctor. At the same time, however, he wanted to try everything new open-minded, so things did not go like it should. So here is the result.

And since this is only a demonstration video, I didn't put the subtitles to the video, so I put them here (but propably I'll put them to the video too):

I used to always be open to new ideas.

I wanted to try everything new, even though I was initially somewhat skeptical of new things in point.

But I didn't care about it.

I couldn't then foresee that my open-mindedness would end here like this.

I would have had to refuse.

Now I can't.

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