Iceland, rauður grænn blár ( is a precious coffee table book with over 100 photographs of the breathtaking Icelandic landscapes, enhanced by the unique work of five great Icelandic writers.

As you already know, we have been working with a selected group of Icelandic poets and writers to help us finding the right words to support our shots. With this video we wanted to showcase one of the precious poems written by Valur Gunnarsson: "Húsið við sjóinn" (A House by the Sea).

Valur is a 37 year old writer. He has been writing articles in the Icelandic press for 10 years and was the first editor of Grapevine magazine. His first poetry book, "A Fool for Believeing," won the best newcomer award in Washington DC in 2002. He has also made three albums, including one of Leonard Cohen songs in Icelandic, and written a novel set in Finland. His second novel, The Last Lover, is coming out in Iceland this October.

"Húsið við sjóinn"
Sólin aldrei skín, hún brennur
Áin aldrei flæðir, hún rennur
Vindurinn aldrei hvín, hann orgar
Og fólkið í húsinu borgar og borgar

Vínið aldrei þroskast, það gerjast
Árstíðirnar aldrei breytast, þær berjast
Dögunum aldrei lýkur, þeir draga sig í hlé
Og nóttin lætur ekkert í té

Steininn aldrei holast, hann kvarnast
Barnið aldrei brosir, það þarfnast
Við höfnina liggur skipið ómannað
Og peningarnir löngu farnir annað

Vatnið hreinsar ekki, það gárast
Konan aldrei grætur, hún tárast
Maðurinn heldur aldrei af stað
Aðeins öldurnar gera það


"A House by the Sea"
The sun never shines it burns
The world never goes it turns
The wind never blows it wails
And the ship never sets sail

The stars never twinkle they flicker
The seasons never change they bicker
The days never end they withdraw
There’s nothing to fight for but the war

The child never smiles it needs
The wound never heals it bleeds
Money never stays it flees
No one is down by the sea

The girl never cries she whimpers
The hand never strikes it lingers
The man never goes he stays
No one leaves but the waves

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More about the book and the campaign

Our book is called "Iceland, rauður grænn blár", in honour of the colours of the Icelandic landscapes:

rauður red: volcanoes, lava fields, fumaroles...
grænn green: mountains, green fields, farm lands...
blár blue: glaciers, rivers, ocean...


We have decided to donate a part of what will be raised to a charity, MaccaNow Foundation.

MaccaNow is Chris McCormack’s foundation, set up to commemorate his mother who passed away from breast cancer in 1999. It provides assistance to families who are in active treatment for breast cancer in order to lessen the financial burdens and improve their quality of life.

About us

Lintustudio is a duo of young creatives based in Helsinki, Finland.

Polly Balitro |

A 26 year old artist and photographer, interested in analogue image making, traveling, culture and history and especially inspired by the natural environment.

Jacopo Chiapparino |

A 25 year old designer and developer, interested in web, typography, image making, traveling, triathlon, music and inspired by Earth’s beautiful nature.

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Music in this video: "Var" by Sigur Rós

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