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ALBALAPSE - A Timelapse Film Of Scotland - Coming Soon - Will be available on DVD, Blu-ray HD download and 4K and photobook.

My name is James, I am a film-maker from Glasgow, Scotland.

A couple of years ago, I discovered timelapse photography, and I was hooked.

Since that time, I have been filming timelapse as often as I could, whether it was at the end of a shoot, while on holiday etc...

ALBALAPSE is my passion project. With the timelapse footage I've shot (as and when I could) over the past year, I've gathered enough great shots to create this 2 minute trailer

This trailer, is designed to serve as a 'proof of concept'. The idea being, that given enough time and resources, I can make a 25 minute timelapse film. A film that showcases my home and native land of Scotland, in all it's glory and wonder, through the medium timelapse.

If you like Scotland, if you like timelapse, if you like photography.... Albalapse is for you :)

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