Everyday you are lied to. You can be lied to by your parents, by your best friend, and you can even lie to yourself. You are told: "There is no God, He's just a myth," or that sex defines you, or that you will truly be happy if you just had a little more. We can't all be right. Somewhere, someone is lying. 

11/02/13: LIE 1 - The God Myth
11/09/13: LIE 2 - I am the compass
11/16/13: LIE 3 - The Sex God
11/23/13: LIE 4 - Enough is never enough
11/30/13: LIE 5 - The Score Keeper
12/07/13: LIE 6 - The Cruel Puppeteer
12/14/13: LIE 7 - I am what you make me

Join us 11.02.13 through 12.14.13, as we reveal 7 Deadly Lies and how you can know once and for all what the TRUTH really is.

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