The Anatomy of Hope

Director: Sofia De Fay

Client: Mubadala

Production: Boomtown Productions


The film takes us on a deeply personal journey of recovery as three Emirati patients struggle for health and world class medical solutions in Abu Dhabi. In a compelling tapestry of hope, dedication and courage we meet three Emirates who face the challenges of disease, sickness and injury and must find a medical solution. An Emirati man witnesses his mother’s fight against a life-threatening brain tumor and he must find a doctor who can operate. We reveal the relationship of trust that is forged between him and the doctor who offers her the only chance that she might be saved. The national Jiu Jitsu champion faces the grim reality that his career might end with an old knee injury. His only guarantee of fighting resides in the skill of a world-class surgeon that he finds in the Emirates. A young Emirati girl faces grief and the debilitating effects of diabetes. A young Emirati female doctor fuses the knowledge of Western medicine with the ancient wisdom of her 95-year-old uncle who knows the ways of desert healing. Anatomy of hope is a journey of discovery as the people of Abu Dhabi put in a bid to win time, reclaim their health and seek medical care in their own country.

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