Retourne Toi !
Turn around !

STORY / DIRECTOR / DOP : Francis Frenkel
MUSIC: Olaf Arnalds
Cast : Fleur Monharoul

Camera : Canon 5D Mark2
Lens :
Canon 50mm f;1.4
Canon 85mm f:1.8
Canon 100mm f:2.8 (Macro)

Magic Lantern Raw 14bits Dng
Résolution : 1880x1058


I would like to write you a love letter
But I don't know how...
Old papers lying around like that...
The words that remain, it scares me...

I could write you an SMS to send them to you
But there is not enough space on my phone screen
And shortened form for love words, it just doesn’t work

I could also call you...and tell you the words...
But words without the face, without the mouth warping to say them
It's not so nice.

We could meet
In the bar we like...

I really like the idea of saying those words with noise in the background
People chatting, glasses clinking together...
I find it so romantic.

I could wait for you to come home tonight... to tell you those words
I will make an effort not to fall asleep before
But you will not come home tonight...

Francis Frenkel

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