For centuries alchemists searched for the philosophers’ stone, a secret substance not only capable of changing common metals into silver or gold, but also ensuring agelessness, health and even immortality.
“Philosophers’ Stone” is a 3D stereoscopic artwork (duration 11.min) related to the project of the iGEM Team, EilsLab/DKFZ/University of Heidelberg (Grand Prix iGEM 2013!) inspired by Delftibactin, a peptide produced by bacterium Delftia acidovorans and used for purifying gold. The scientific research aims to verify the potentiality of non-ribosomal peptides synthesis not only in recycling gold from electronic waste but also in pharmaceutical and basic research.
Rich cultural roots of contemporary scientific practices became the inspiration for my artistic work.
The art work juxtaposes the scientific research against alchemic phases of Opus Magnum and with a concentration on the Philosophers’ Stone above all being a metaphor for deeper knowledge (leading to wisdom), inner transformation and higher values.

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