A session went down last August (2012) after the Ultra Bowl 4 in Malmö which was part of the Lifeblood Skateboard / Independent UK team tour. A few other traveling skaters that were passing through also took part in the session. These are the highlights from a three hour session in the forest where the semi secret DIY spot the Hullet is located, not far from the new world-class skatepark Fælledparken. Skaters showing up for the session Julien Benoliel (france), Sox (wales), Andy Scott (england), Adam Colin (scotland), Iain Young (scotland), Rob Smith (england), Narciso Afonso (portugal), Mason Merlino (usa), and Frank Shaw (usa). There were other rippers there that had already been beaten down the days before, and still had to skate the rest of the european/uk Lifeblood tour, like Cody Lockwood and Kevin Kowlaski, so they took their turn being the spectators this time and watched other skaters get gnarly.

Filmed / Edited by J. Hay for ConfusionMagazine.com
Music by Asta Kask

Full article + photos here: confuzine.com/2013/10/27/hullet-diy-copenhagen-denmark/

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