This is a cinematic I worked on at RealtimeUK, for "Napoleon: Total War".

The game is Published by SEGA and Produced by The Creative Assembly.

8 people over 8 weeks, produced the 80 second movie.

The entire job was rendered in Vray, using the new SSS2 skin shader.

3dsmax 2010 was used to be able to take advantage of the Vray&Hair connection, allowing us to render Depth of Field that matched the character.

To complete the movie, we enlisted the help of a number of talented people. These included, Image Metrics (Facial Mo-cap), Fransico Cortina (Hair Modelling), Paul Hormis (Scripting), Rendernation (Rendering).

I was Lead Artist on the job and also responsible for the Skin Shaders, Lighting, Rendering, Compositing, and Cloth/Hair Dynamics.

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